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Who Are We?

We are a fast growing custom software development company which is focused on creating unique IT-solutions for our clients. Custom software, also known as bespoke or tailor-made, is a computer program or web application developed for your company’s needs. Our objectives include
  • to carry out analysis of your business needs and
  • to deliver you tailored and high-quality software application.
We ask for your feedback at every stage of your app development, from conceptual design to product launch, to make sure that our software not just meets but exceeds your expectations. At the same time, we take care of all the phases of the app development lifecycle. In more than five years of our existence we experienced both the creation of innovative mobile apps for startup businesses and complex software programs for enterprises. Focusing our attention on the core goals of future applications we help your business grow and prosper with our digital tool. If you apply to us you can be sure that you get the perfect combination of competitive price and quality.

Why Do You Need Software Development Services

A software development becomes a crucial tool to perform day-to-day tasks. There is a great amount of off-the-shelf apps, but sometimes you can not find something that fits you completely, you need some additional features or even tools to increase your efficiency. A customised approach can significantly facilitate your workflow and productivity. The process of creation and implementation of custom software seems to be long and expensive, but you should keep in mind its cost is more than justified in a long-term prospect.
Bespoke vs. Off-the-shelf Solutions

Both custom and off-the-shelf software have its own benefits and downsides. But when we talk about your company's future success - the answer is obvious. The most off-the-shelf programs meet the needs of most users and at the same time lumber systems with useless options or don’t answer your expectations about their functionality and efficiency. Creating tailored software you eliminate unwanted features and make sure your company has everything it requires. You decides what capabilities are put into a custom framework. As far as business expanding needs stability and reliability custom software means simplify the process with their uniformity and standardisation. A single platform allows the whole company and its employees

The Third Option

In case if the off-the-shelf software doesn’t suit you, and bespoke software development is too expensive, there is another option. Some software development companies can implement necessary features in existing solutions and offer some flexibility. This option may seem to be perfect:

  • it is cheaper than order your own software;
  • it is faster because developers don’t write it from the scratch, they just add features you need;
  • and it is much easier to do than write the whole program;

Software Solution for Business

We have experienced deliverance of customised business solutions in different industry verticals. We use our exceeding technology expertise in established and innovative technologies to create digital tools tailored for your business needs. We can also help you to increase your productivity and mobilise your business with native and cross platform mobile apps integrating them with the rest of your business systems. We can simplify your work with the variety of web applications from Intranet/Extranet to Business Processes Automation solutions. We equally value our clients who run big enterprises or mid market and who just a startup or have a small local business.

Our Team

Dominic Reyes
David Gibson
Production Manager
Arthur Smith
Sales Manager
Olga Edwards
Chief Marketer

How We Work

During our work we invoke ASD or Agile software development. It is a methodology that foresees further flexibility and is designed for a level of pragmatism into the finished product. It is focused on simple code, often testing and further implementations of functional bits of the app when it is ready. The main goal of ASD is to create a large multifunctional application upon small client-approved parts. We divide our project into several steps to monitor and improve the process of creation. Our Steps of Software Development

We start our projects with a discussion and detailed planning. Our project team points out the core goals of the client’s demands. We listen to your requests and expectations and create a full picture of future work. Our team together with your representatives develop different proposals of the project optimisation.


Next we determine the costs and necessary resources for your project. This phase is finished before agreement on the general budget and team requirements. We provide you with analysis of all stages of this phases that help us to supply you with a guarantee about the software creation terms.

System Design

This stage includes the preparation of models, technical documentation, and representative materials. We determine all features of your software application and create its wireframe. Step by step we work with UX and UI designs working on usable and attractive software solution.


Next step is to create a minimum viable product, developers code the ‘body’ of the software tool. It is a working app with its core functionality. As soon as it is ready for testing we check its compatibility according to the plan which we developed in collaboration with you. If it is ready to be deployed we go to the next step.

Testing and Launching

During this stage our expert conduct QA testing to eliminate all bugs. Every element is checked and you are getting the full report about all stages of the expertise. We perform necessary improvement and test it again. Only highly professional and experienced experts conduct this tests. As soon as all tests and corrections are done you can think about additional features you would like to implement. Only if you are satisfied with the result of our work and the quality we conduct analyse the reaction ordinary users who can be described as your target audience. When all necessary changes are made we launch the finished app. We are interested in your success even after the release of the product. We continue our cooperation, evaluate the app, learn user’s feedback and look for new ways to increase its efficiency.

Support and Consulting

Being experienced in custom software development we took a great position to offer you our consultancy and advice about the way to achieve your business objective with our apps, networks, and operation. We provide our support at various touch points. You can just focus on your core business and we take all the worries of your technical needs. Share your ideas and what results you want to achieve and we will take care of their realisation in the most beneficial for you way. We guarantee the quality of all apps we create and support of our launched products.

Out vs. In-house App Creation

Whether you customise program or create your own you need professional developers. You can hire an external team of developers, like our development company, or you can create your own internal team. Hardly any single developer can accomplish such a difficult task as custom software creation within a short time. It requires a lot of skills which include planning, coding, designing, UI/UX testing, quality assurance testing and many others.
Outsource Software Development

We call it outsourcing when you hire an outside agency or service provider to complete some business task for you, in our case, it is a creation of tailored program for your business management. Why do people outsource? There are certain reasons and advantages:

  • Expert skills. To create a simple mobile app with some free app building sites isn’t that hard, but a creation of the whole program with multiple functionalities tailored specially for you that is different. Such task requires graphic design, maybe website development, coding in various program languages.
  • Equipment. You might need certain equipment and inventory that will cost a lot and won’t pay off with the accomplishment of one task. Our company, which is specialised in bespoke web and mobile app development has everything that is necessary.
  • Temporary needs. You need developers only to develop custom software once, later you might need to update it and upgrade, but it is not something you need every day the year round. If you hire your own team of developers you need to pay developer salary monthly, but if you hire outsource company you pay only for work that was done. Besides, you can’t afford to hire highly skilled developers for a part time job.

In other words, outsourcing is a perfect way to hire experts for temporary tasks. You may think that the hourly rate or project rate is high, but it still will be cheaper than pay annual software engineer salary and benefits. When you collaborate with our company you may rely on our technical support even after we launch your software.


The benefits of building your own team for an operational function is your constant control of their time and activity. But it is dubious that it will cost you less because of several things:

  • You have to hire developers with required expertise; and you need to pay salary the whole year round;
  • And have to manage this additional staff and help them to study a lot
  • Letting them to participate in the international conferences providing with new testing devices and giving an opportunity to investigate the latest changes for iOS, and Android, and Windows, and Microsoft development standards;
  • You have to pay fees for these developers licenses; and so on.

And as a result, it might be not that qualitative as you expect it to be. Finally, you may combine both in-house and outsource resources doing most things in-house and hiring someone, like our company for short-term projects if it fits you. You need to weigh all the pros and cons and make your own conclusion what is the best option for you.



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Why You Need To Choose Us?

Find a good software development company is hard, but find the company that will become your long-term partner is much harder.You need an experienced company that has realised successful projects and spent a good number of years in the highly competitive market of IT company. And here we are. We work with various programming languages and we develop custom web, mobile, and cross-platform solutions for your company whether you run a huge enterprise, medium size business or just startup. We make the whole process of development transparent for you and we can provide you the things that important to you, such as:
  • Quality
  • ROI optimisation
  • Technical expertise
  • Scalability
  • Fast-time-to-market