Mobile Apps Design

The process of design and development is definitely demanding and challenging one. You need to have adequate knowledge and to know exactly what you are doing. It is even more challenging when the problems are going to pop up. In order to save your work and avoid these problems we are going to present you few mistakes that are most commonly going to happen when mobile apps design. If you are aware of the mistakes you will know how to avoid them.

4 Mistakes to Avoid when Designing Mobile Apps

  • Adjusting high resolution as a default – Even though, it’s very fine to have high quality work, you should be careful when using high resolution files. It is because the files commonly load for a long time. The files also have excessive data plan usage which tends to be high-priced on your part and on the customers. Before you select the type of resolution that you want for your app, you should analyze the resolution and see if it will be any value to you. If the high resolution is of no value, you should go for a lower resolution.
  • Creating small buttons – Many people make the mistakes of creating very small buttons such that the users’ index fingers are unable to hit on them. Before you decide on the size of the button that you want to use, you should remember that the user’s index fingers are usually 1.6 to 2 cm wide; therefore, if you create buttons that are smaller than this the fingers won’t be able to hit the buttons. To be on the safe side you should ensure that the buttons are big enough and spaced widely enough to be easily tapped by users.
  • Going overboard with animations – Although, the little animations that come up when the app opens are really nice, they tend to delay the users from accessing the app. To ensure that the users have a great experience you should avoid using the animations in your app. If you feel it necessary to use the animations, you should ensure that they are quick, subtle and appealing to capture the attention of the users. The best way of going about it is using a still image (as the app loads) then the image should transition into an animation. To avoid boring the user you should ensure that the transition is seamless.
  • Assuming that everyone will use the app the same way you do – Although, the app may look very good, you should test it for usability. Here you should ask a number of your trusted friends to test the app before you release it to the public.

Design a Mobile App with a Professional App Designer

If you are definitely going to design an app, you need to do in the right way. And what is better than having a professional app designer by your side, guiding you through the whole process. No mistakes, no problems, just opportunities and success. It sounds nice, right?
All you need to do is to hire the right app designer who is ready to meet your standards and help you to design the best app possible.

The Importance Mobile Apps Design

Mobile app design is extremely important when it comes to your audience. It is a deciding factor that can make your number of users grow or lower. Which one is going to be in your case? With a professional and reliable app designer you are going to increase the number of customers and achieve the success you deserve, guaranteed!