What we do

Mobile Application for Analyzing User Experience

Our Company, together with Austrian Airlines, has managed to create a mobile app for tracking user experience before and after flights. The mobile app is used to monitor and then evaluate the sleeping patterns of users.

Digital Solution for Mobile Apps and Websites

For Keller Williams, we've been able to develop a highly-functional digital solution that is completely optimised for mobile phones, tablets and websites as well. This cross-platform solution has been created in such way that it can handle a larger amount of data and traffic without impacting usability.

Movement Tracker

The application that we built for IKEA is useful in analysis of user sitting patterns, creating reports of how long they sit throughout the day, how much they move and where users spend their time, whether it's in bed or on a chair sofa, or other piece of furniture.

Stock News for Personal Stock Portfolios

Our Wall Street Journal app allows the user to make a personal news channel that is based on their own personal stock portfolio, meaning they have a convenient way to follow the news they find relevant to their investments and interests. The app is compatible with tablets and smartphones, and there is a responsive web version as well.

Problem-Solving Social Platform

We built a social platform that performs as a sort of problem-solving apparatus. The app is helpful for both users and staff, allowing them to report different kinds of problems, as well as positive experiences, concerning the trains or the stations. The reports can then be forwarded to relevant company workers or solved using the custom backend.

Features Presentation and New User Experience

For the boss of headphones and manufacturer of listening instruments, we�ve created a mobile app that offers a completely new user experience. Through this app, you can experience the newest and most exciting features Bose offers in their audio devices.

Vouchers and Other Special

Offers We have created a B2C campaign platform tool that helps mobile users find vouchers and redeem them for Amstel products. On this platform, there are additional other special offers included, and, best of all, they can be triggered by location. These special offers and vouchers are generated by Amstel, and users can find them in a number of bars and pubs who have partnered with Amstel to provide customers with these great deals.

Digital City Guide with Local Weather Analysis

For Global Work and Travel, we built an amazing city guide mobile application. But this is not like any other city guide application available. While using this app, users are not only able to brush up on local history and attraction, but they can check the local weather and get feedback from the app on how to still have the best time. Rain or shine, this app ensures users get the most out of their trips.